European Commission

The European Commission has laid down its policy towards open access to research results in its grant agreements.


The commission requires funding recipients to deposit publications that stem from EU-funded projects and have undergone a peer-review process in a scientific repository. Moreover, these must be made freely accessible no later than six months after their initial publication (or twelve months in the humanities and social sciences).  


Fees for publications with open-access publishers can be claimed as project expenses.

Up to EUR 2,000 of publication fees that are not incurred until after the completion of a project can be reimbursed within the scope of the FP7 post-grant Open Access Pilot (external link). Please contact the E-Publishing Office to find out more about this funding option.

Who is affected?

This affects all projects in the 7th Framework Programme for Research (external link) (FP7) that have a grant agreement containing the special clause 39 "Open Access".

Under the Horizon 2020 (external link) framework programme (2014 to 2020), all funded projects are bound by the open-access requirement. Moreover, within the scope of Horizon 2020 the EU Commission also calls for the primary data the publications are based upon to be made accessible.