ETH Zurich's Open-Access Policy

ETH Zurich aims at disseminating research results produced at the university as widely as possible based on the principle of Open Access.

In order to lend weight to this endeavour, it signed the Berlin Declaration (external link) on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in March 2006.

ETH Zurich's Open-Access Policy

In July 2008 the Executive Board adopted an Open-Access Policy for the university that calls upon all of ETH Zurich's scientists to play an active role in implementing Open Access.   

The essence of the Open-Access Policy:

  • ETH Zurich requires of staff and post-graduate students to publish all research papers (postprints), theses and other research output to be made freely available as soon as possible via the institutional repository Research Collection (external link) provided that there are no legal restrictions. ETH Zurich expects the authors to retain the copyright whenever possible.
  • ETH Zurich encourages its researchers to publish in suitable open-access journals and will cover part of the publication costs.
  • ETH Library acts as a trans-ETH-Zurich point of contact for all issues related to Open Access.

The Open-Access Policy is published on ROARMAP (Registry of Open Access Repositories Mandatory Archiving Policies (external link)), the registry of open-access policies of individual institutions.

How is the Open-Access Policy implemented at ETH Zurich?

ETH Zurich's instrument for actively implementing the open-access strategy is the Research Collection – the repository for the entire university. The documents published here are free of charge and can be accessed online without restriction.   

Additionally, ETH Library provides researchers from ETH Zurich with the possibility to publish in open-access journals either free of charge or at a reduced price.