Open Access at ETH Zurich

The aim of Open Access is to make scientific literature freely accessible and free of charge to everyone on the internet.

This webpage provides information on open-access publishing at ETH Zurich. We advise on publication possibilities for members of ETH Zurich and report on the latest developments from the open-access movement.

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15.03.2018 Action plan for national open access strategy approved
Now that swissuniversities and the Swiss University Conference have approved the action plan drawn up in 2017, the national open access strategy for Switzerland can be put into practice.
12.03.2018 The transformation of the publication system to open access
A new article in b.i.t. Online by ETH Library's director Rafael Ball presents selected aspects of the transformation of the publication system to open access and the consequences for libraries and academia
14.02.2018 Letting knowledge flow freely
Anyone who wants to access ETH research findings should be able to do so as freely as possible. At the same time, ETH researchers should be able to publish wherever they think is most appropriate. These factors shape...