Legal aspects of open-access publishing

The legal parameters of open-access publishing often cause uncertainties among authors.

Consequently, we have summarised the most important information on the topic on the following pages.

ETH-Bibliothek's E-Publishing Office will also be glad to help clear up any legal questions.

Primary publication in ETH E-Collection

In the case of a first publication in ETH E-Collection, the copyright and right of use for the document published remains with the author. This means that no legal obstacles stand in the way of a future publication of your research results elsewhere (such as with a commercial publisher).

Self-archiving in ETH E-Collection

Have you published an article in a scientific journal and would you now like to make it freely accessible via ETH E-Collection?

In principle, many scientific publishers allow this kind of secondary publication.

We inform you as to which legal regulations and restrictions you need to observe as the author.

Licensing open-access publications

In order for your research results to be freely reusable and accessible, you are advised to make open-access publications accessible under a free license, which excludes any legal uncertainties on the part of the authors and the readers from the very beginning. 

We show you how to go about licensing your open-access documents.