Publishing in open-access journals

Open-access journals are scientific journals, the contents of which are freely accessible online. ETH Zurich encourages university members to publish in suitable open-access journals. 

Visit the Publication Process page to find out what you should bear in mind when selecting a suitable open-access journal and submitting your manuscript.

Quality assurance

Recognised open-access publishers subject submitted articles to a peer review process. Consequently, articles published in their journals can offer the same scientific quality as articles published by conventional scientific publishers.


Articles in open-access journals are usually financed via publication fees (so-called article processing charges, APCs), which are either borne by the authors themselves (such as from research or project funds) or through an institutional membership of their institution.

Find out about ETH Zurich's open-access memberships and special funding conditions for members of ETH Zurich.

The Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Commission offer special funding options for publications that originate from research projects.

Hybrid journals

Hybrid journals operate according to the conventional subscription model. In addition, they allow authors to make individual articles freely accessible online by paying a fee.

These days, the majority of major publishing houses offer this open-access model, including Springer (Springer Open Choice (external link)), Oxford University Press (Oxford Open (external link)), Elsevier (Open Access Articles (external link)) and Wiley-Blackwell (Online Open (external link)).

For financial reasons, ETH Zurich does not support open-access publications in hybrid journals. As a reduction in the subscription fees proportionate to the open-access publication fees is not guaranteed by the publisher, higher costs are to be expected overall.