ETH-Bibliothek promotes the open data idea by rendering bibliographical metadata, i.e. descriptive data on the physical and digital works in its holdings, and digital copies publicly accessible and reusable, provided this is not opposed by any third-party rights. This does not affect handling research data on the basis of which no statements are made at this point. For more details on handling research data, please consult the information on Open Research Data.

What are ETH-Bibliothek's goals in providing open data?

Open data at ETH-Bibliothek refers to bibliographical metadata and digital copies, and pursues the following goals:

  • Open licence: whenever possible, ETH-Bibliothek makes its data available using the public domain mark or a CC0 licence. If the prequisites for this are not fulfilled, an open a CC license is used.
  • Transparency: reliable re-use is indicated transparently for each dataset.
  • Currentness: ETH-Bibliothek regularly updates variable datasets.
  • Freedom from discrimination: there are no access restrictions to the data. The data is available to anyone at any time and without registration.
  • Free download: the data is free to obtain.
  • Machine readability: ETH-Bibliothek provides its data in an open and, whenever possible, machine-readable standard format.
  • Availability: the data is provided via a suitable interface or platform.

ETH Zurich's Disclaimer applies for open data at ETH-Bibliothek.

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