Open data – transparency for everyone

The concept of open data relates to the unrestricted use of digital data, including text, images, music and video.

Open data enables new insights into science, industry and society. Did you know that Switzerland has 21 mountains named "Schwarzhorn"? Or that Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich was given its name in 1863 and is 1,173 metres long? This and many other pieces of information are available thanks to open data. By linking various datasets, applications can be developed that work with different visualisations for example.

But how is data made open and what characterizes 'open data'? The latest story on Explora (external link) finds the answers to these and other questions. It also shows how ETH Library is getting involved in open data and last but not least explains the advantages of the open data concept.

Explora (external link) is ETH Library's storytelling platform on anything to do with science and the key issues of our time.


YouTube – ETH Library (external link)

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