Swiss National Science Foundation funds publications in open-access journals

The Swiss National Science Foundation is intensifying its efforts to promote open access by allowing researchers to claim publication expenses for open-access journals as project costs from October 2013.

The Swiss National Science Foundation has already been promoting the Green Path to open access since 2007 by requiring funding recipients to make papers accessible in open-access repositories no later than six months after the initial publication.  

Now the most important research funding agency in Switzerland is intensifying its efforts to establish open access by supporting the Golden Path financially: researchers can invoice up to a maximum of CHF 3,000 for publications in purely open-access journals as part of the project budget.

Publications in so-called hybrid journals, which offer an open-access option for individual articles, however, are still not funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Further information on the details of the new regulation is available in the corresponding press release (external link) and the Swiss National Science Foundation's open-access dossier (external link).