4,800 articles now freely accessible in the Research Collection

Articles by ETH authors freely available on the ETH publication platform

The full texts of around 4,800 articles by ETH authors published in Springer, De Gruyter, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press journals are now openly available in the Research Collection, ETH Zurich’s publication platform.

The articles date from the years 1959 to 2016 and, as part of a “moving wall”, additional articles from the participating publishers will be made openly accessible in the Research Collection every year.

ETH Library was granted the right to make these articles freely accessible by the publishers under the terms of the Swiss national licences (external link). Use this link (external link) to browse the articles that are now freelyavailable.

The Research Collection (external link)is ETH Zurich's publication platform. University members can publish their scientific full texts open-access as well as archive their research data and make them accessible to the public.


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