CWTS Ranking on open access published

The proportion of open access publications at ETH Zurich accounted for more than 50% in the reporting period 2014-2017. With this proportion, ETH Zurich is globally ranked among the top third.

CWTS Leiden Ranking

CWTS Leiden has integrated open access data into its 2019 ranking (external link) for the first time. The reason for the integration is the increasing importance that science policy makers and research managers ascribe to open access. The data basis for the publications is Web of Science. In order to identify the open access publications, the Web of Science data was enriched with information from the Unpaywall database.

According to CWTS Leiden, 10,847 of the 20,994 publications that were attributed to ETH Zurich authors in the reporting period 2014-2017 were open access. This corresponds to a share of 51.7%. ETH Zurich ranked 54th regarding the open access publication volume, and 209th place regarding the open access proportion. Compared to the most important Leiden Ranking factor, the scientific impact, there is room for improvement in the open access ranking position. In the Scientific Impact ranking, however, ETH Zurich ranks 24th worldwide.

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