Research data management: from theory to practice

Our workshop series demonstrates how you can retain control in the Open Science environment.

Visit one of our four consecutive workshops, each building upon the knowledge of the previous, which focus on the various elements of research data management along the research data life cycle. Register either for individual workshops or for the entire series.

  • The first workshop on 22 January 2020 offers an introduction to the basics of research data management (RDM) along the data life cycle, and discusses the role of Open Science in RDM.
  • The second workshop on 29 January 2020 addresses data management and analysis for reproducible research, focusing on topics such as best practices as well as strategies for the management of large data sets.
  • The third workshop on 5 February 2020 focuses on open access and data publishing and for instance gives answers to questions about copyright and repositories among other aspects.
  • The fourth and last workshop on 12 February 2020 is about the secure handling of confidential research data. Learn about topics such as data privacy, research with confidential data and “good practices” for the secure handling.

The workshops are a collaboration between ETH Library and the Scientific IT Services.

Time and place: 9.00 – 12.00 on Campus Zentrum, in the ETH main building, room F 26.1

Would you like to participate in one or more workshops?

Further information and registration

Feel free to contact us at or in the event of any questions.

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