Research data management

The preservation of research data throughout their life cycle helps conserving its long-term value, disseminating it throughout the scientific community and thus prevents data from falling into digital oblivion.

Proper data management is a key prerequisite for effective data sharing and publishing, which in turn increases the visibility of one’s scholarly work and thus is likely to increase citation rates.

Funding organizations like the Swiss National Science Foundation (external link) or Horizon 2020 (external link) mandate data management plans for projects they fund. The plans are sometimes already required in the proposal and should be updated throughout the project.

By managing one's data, even if a funding body does not call for it, the research funds can be used optimally through avoidance of unnecessary duplicate work and streamlining of the work process.

ETH Zurich does not have an explicit data policy, yet. Please consider existing guidelines:

Our team can assist you in managing your data and in setting up your data management plan. Don't hesitate to contact us at

For more information regarding data management planning, we recommend taking a look at:

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