You can attend the following workshops in the CAB for European Heritage Days 2019:


Chemistry detectives (for kids aged between 6 and 10 years)

Where are the colours hiding? Is black really black?
Lots of colours are not what they appear to be at first glance.
Find out which and how many colours are hidden in a black felt-tipped pen and make your own ‘researcher flowers’.

Marianne Tauber, Research associate
ETH Zurich, Institute of Construction History and Preservation, Chair of Building Archaeology and Construction History (external link)

Zeit und Ort:
10.30-11.00, CAB (external link), [Denkfabrik] (room F 31)
11.30-12.00, CAB (external link), [Denkfabrik] (room F 31)
13.30-14.00, CAB (external link), [Denkfabrik] (room F 31)
14.30-15.00, CAB (external link), [Denkfabrik] (room F 31)

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