Persistent Identifiers in Research – Celebrating 10 Years of DOI Desk at ETH Zurich

Event on Friday, 13 September 2019

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, ETH Zurich’s DOI Desk is organising a one-day event on “Persistent Identifiers in Research”. Persistent Identifiers (PID) are central to ensuring that digital objects can be discoverable online. They have been steadily gaining in significance for science for some years now. The main reasons for this are the changes in scientific publishing as a result of digitisation as well as the need to make referenced works permanently retrievable and to connect the works to each other.

Current applications, developments and future initiatives

Assigning DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) to scientific publications has been established practice in many disciplines for a long time. Recently, however, the number of applications for Persistent Identifiers has also risen dramatically in other areas of science communications, such as identifying scientific authors or publishing research data and software. The presentations will focus on current applications for Persistent Identifiers in research as well as on new ideas, developments and future initiatives.

We are delighted to introduce engaging speakers from Switzerland and abroad who will examine this very current topic from a number of different perspectives.

The event is open to all those interested in attending, and participation is free of charge. The event will take place in English. Please register if you plan to attend the event (see below).


10.00-10.15Welcome address / Andreas Kirstein (ETH Zurich, ETH Library)
PID Providers 
10.15-10.3010 Years of DOI Desk at ETH Zurich: Review and Outlook / Barbara Hirschmann (ETH Zurich, ETH Library)
10.30-11.00DataCite and its Members: Connecting Research and Identifying Knowledge / Britta Dreyer (DataCite)
11.00-11.30Building Open Research Infrastructure with PIDs / Gabriela Mejias (ORCID)
11.30-12.00Persistent Identifiers for Scientific Data at CSCS / Mario Valle (CSCS, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre)
PIDs in Action 
13.30-14.00First experiences with ePIC Persistent Identifiers in the openBIS Research Data Management system / Henry Lütcke (ETH Zurich, Scientific IT Services)
14.00-14.30Tracking citations to research software via PIDs / Lars Nielsen (CERN)
14.30-15.00What you cite is what you get: verifiable addressing of immutable, self-describing research data / Eoghan Ó Carragáin (University College Cork Library)
PIDs on the Blockchain 
15.30-16.00OriginStamp: Trusted Time Stamping via the Bitcoin Blockchain / Bela Gipp (University of Wuppertal & Origin Stamp)
16.00-16.30BlockChain and the ETH Library - take part, watch and learn / Sven Koesling (ETH Zurich, ETH Library)


ETH Zurich
Main building, D 7.2 (external link)
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zurich


Registration via Eventbrite (external link)

Closing date for registration: 31 August 2019

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