Studies in Munich

Wolfgang Pauli's Munich University student card

In autumn 1918 Wolfgang Pauli moved to Munich and began studying physics at the university under Professor Arnold Sommerfeld (external link). Pauli graduated with a doctorate after just six semesters.

Arnold Sommerfeld – Pauli's teacher and mentor

Wolfgang Pauli with his teacher and mentor Arnold Sommerfeld in October 1934 at the metals congress in Geneva.

His teacher and mentor Arnold Sommerfeld dealt with the then new problems of relativity and quantum theory and created a theory of "multiple quantisation" on the basis of Bohr's model of the atom. In 1919 Sommerfeld published "Atombau und Spektrallinien", whose many new editions had a considerable influence on the development of quantum theory.

As an outstanding teacher, Sommerfeld inspired an ever-growing circle of followers, including Werner Heisenberg, Peter Debye and Gregor Wentzel (external link).