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Expedition to the Minya Konka in Chinese Tibet 1930

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In 1930 Eduard Imhof was asked to measure the position and elevation of the "Minya Konka" (Gonggashan) in Chinese Tibet. On this expedition he was accompanied by Paul Nabholz and sometimes by Arnold Heim, too. During his geodetic work Imhof lived in a Tibetan monastery at the foot of the mountain for several weeks.
The elevation of the Minya Konka was measured at 7590 m. It is thus the highest mountain on earth outside the Himalayas.

Minya Konka (Gonggashan)

Minya Konka (Gonggashan)
7590 m 1930. Pencil drawing.
(Imhof, Eduard O 10)


Measurements for triangulation

Measurements for triangulation
From the sketch book. 1930.
(Imhof, Eduard O 11)


Konka Gompa monastery

Konka Gompa monastery
Pencil. Sept. 27, 1930. 27 x 21 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 55)

Interior of Konka Gompa monastery

Interior of Konka Gompa monastery Bookcase and big bass drum
Watercolor. September 19 and 20, 1930. 27 x 20 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 54)

Tibetan farm

Tibetan farm
Pencil and watercolor. 1930. 26 x 32 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 57)