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Eduard Imhof's most favorite past-time occupations were mountain climbing, drawing and painting. A selection of pictures show us his house at Erlenbach on Lake Zurich, the Alps, and there especially the area of the Windgälle, of which he made the big mountain relief (three dimensional).

My house at Erlenbach

My house at Erlenbach
Pen-and-ink, washed over. August 3, 1969. 30 x 34 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 48)



My little summer-house in winter 1980

My little summer-house in winter 1980.
Watercolor. 33 x 44 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard O 24)

Bei Erlenbach am Zürichsee

Near Erlenbach on Lake Zurich
Watercolor. Dec. 4, 1966. Picture size 27 x 40 cm, Sheet format 32 x 44 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 47)


Des Nachbarn Gärtnerei im Herbst

The neighboring gardener's house in fall
(Gardener shop A. Vogt, Erlenbach) Watercolor. Oct. 30, 1980. 36 x 48 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 52)