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Honorary Memberships

Of the Geographical Societies of St. Gall (1929), Zurich (1950), Geneva (1958), Neuchâtel (1967)

Of the Swiss Geographical Society (1981) and the Geographical Societies of Austria (1956), Italy (1966), Berlin (1950), Hamburg (1954), Hannover (1955), Frankfurt am Main (1961), Erlangen (1969).

Of the Naturforschende Gesellschaften Schaffhausen (1956), Zurich (1979). (Society of the natural scientists)

Of the Cartographic Societies of Germany(1969), Switzerland (1970), the Sociedade Brasileira de Cartografia (1963), the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (1968), the Coronelli-Weltbund der Globusfreunde (1974) as well as the Akademische Kulturingenieur-Verein of the ETH Zurich (1963).

Of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)(1958) and the Uto Section of the Swiss Alpine Club (1946) and the Academic Alpine Club Zurich (AACZ)(1982).

Gift of honor of the Kulturförderungskommission from the Literature Fund of the Canton of Zurich (1981)

Temporary single exhibitions of Imhof's maps and pictures

were held in increasing numbers since 1965, i.e. several times in Bern, Zürich and Erlenbach/ZH as well as Solothurn and Bad Ragaz, Barcelona, Berlin, Feldmeilen, Frankfurt/Main, Karlsruhe, Küsnacht/ZH, Rapperswil, Steffisburg, Thun, Washington D.C. and other places.

The relief models of Eduard Imhof are on permanent display at the Naturwissenschaftlichen Sammlungen of the city of Winterthur and in the HIL-Building der ETH Zurich-Hönggerberg.