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Eduard Imhof was born in Schiers in the Grisons where his father, the geographer Dr. Eduard Imhof, taught at the Evangelische Lehranstalt, an Evangelical teachers' training college. In 1902 the family moved to Zurich to Rötelstrasse no. 100, later to no. 102 on the same street. After passing his school-leaving examination at the Kantonsschule Zurich Imhof studied surveying at the ETH from 1914 - 1919. During WW I his studies were sometimes interrupted because of military duty at the Swiss border. His teachers at the ETH were Fridolin Becker, Fritz Baeschlin and Jakob Früh. This period of his life is illustrated by a drawing of his father of birthplace and school in Schiers, schoolboy drawings of Imhof himself and some examples of Imhof's drawings during the topographical exercises in the ETH under the direction of Fridolin Becker.


The Evangelische Lehranstalt Schiers / Grisons

Imhof, Eduard (Sr.)
The Evangelische Lehranstalt Schiers / Grisons. Around 1880. Pencil drawing. Also depicted is the dwelling in which Eduard Imhof was born on January 25, 1895. It is the house with the three windows at the very top of the drawing. 22 x 18 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard J 6)


Only photo of the child Eduard Imhof

Only photo of the child Eduard Imhof, about 1903. 11 x 7 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard J 36)



Australia, physical map, 1:40 000 000
Copy taken from a school atlas. 1906. Oldest existing map drawing of Eduard Imhof.
(Imhof, Eduard A 2)

Living room at Rötelstrasse

Our living room at Rötelstrasse 100.
My sister Marie at the window. Watercolor. 1909. 18 x 22 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 62)

Panorama of the Alps

Panorama of the Alps, drawn in summer 1912, from Rötel in Zürich-Wipkingen.
Watercolor. 1912. 10 x 17 cm.
10 x 17 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard H 67)


Imhof, Eduard. Diary 1910, p. 60.
(Imhof, Eduard O1)