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In connection with topographic surveys panoramas have been made since the 18th century.
Up to this day these panoramas have been popular with mountaineers and tourists.


Chneugrat. Panorama above Braunwald, Canton of Glarus
Pen-and-ink drawing, ink and pencil. 1919. This panorama was placed as a bronze plaque on the Chneugrat. It was destroyed by lightning. Not published. 53 x 62 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard E 6)



Urirotstock Panorama

Urirotstock Panorama.
Section Fair drawing. Pencil. 1919.
Sheet format 22 x 48 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard E 3)

General view of the Klausen Pass road

General view of the Klausen Pass road, Canton of Uri. 1923.
Image size 17 x 44 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard E 18.1)


Splügener Kalkberge vom Piz Vizan

Splügener Kalkberge (Limestone Mountains near Splügen) from Piz Vizan, 2472 m, Canton of Grisons
Pen-and-ink drawing (after a sketch drawn from nature on July 26, 1912). Published in: Jahrbuch des Schweizer Alpenclub, Jg. 54, 1919, p. 121.
Image size 16 x 42 cm, sheet format 25 x 47 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard E 17)