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Eduard Imhof not only painted school maps but also composed some maps more freely. They could be called map paintings.

Relief map of the Rhine

Relief map of the Rhine from its source to the Domleschg 1:67 000, (Grisons)
Original painting for a leaflet that was only reproduced on a reduced scale. Gouache. 1939. Sheet format 57 x 48 cm.
(Imhof, Eduard J 1.1)


Walensee und Seezta

Lake of Walenstadt and Seez Valley 1:10 000 (south of Zurich)
Map painting, 1938-1939. Section. This map is on permanent display at the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern.
(Imhof, Eduard O 16)


Map of Turkey

Map of Turkey. 1:2 000 000. Section.
Tempera painting 1951. Eduard Imhof painted this map. The original of the above map might stilll be hanging in a ministry in Ankara. Eduard Imhof painted this map, together with his Turkish students when he taught at the Turkish Office for Land Surveying (Harita Genel Müdürlügü). It is the first Imhof map showing the color wedge which was later used for small scale maps in his atlas for high school (Schweizerischer Mittelschulatlas).
(Imhof, Eduard O 22)