17:15 Kolloquium – Offices: more than functional spaces

ETH Zürich / Maximilian Warhanek
ETH Zurich / Maximilian Warhanek

17:15 Kolloquium – Offices: more than functional spaces

The digital transformation makes it difficult to create inspiring, motivating workplaces. Paper meets digital tools; functions and organisational charts meet interdisciplinary issues. A phenomenon that has swept across the field of communications is also increasingly affecting workplaces: mobile first, flexibility across all areas. This trend changes the way in which we work together. Employees expect more from their managers, their workplace and their working hours.

Companies must offer a modern working environment that meets contemporary requirements if they are to make progress and remain an attractive employer.

This realisation inspired Mobiliar to launch work@mobiliar a few years ago. The work@mobiliar concept is more than interior design. It is about culture, cultural change and mindsets. In her lecture, the speaker explains the origin of the initiative and its measures using illustrative, real-life examples.

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ETH Zurich, Building LEE, Room: E 101, Leonhardstrasse 21, 8092 Zurich

ETH Library’s 17:15 Colloquium offers a platform for further education, discussion and networking. Speakers from Switzerland and abroad present topics from their fields in information sciences, library practice, archiving and museums as well as related specialist areas. The formula is a 30-minute presentation + a 30-minute discussion + a subsequent drinks reception = inspiration for our daily working lives.

It takes place three times a semester at 17:15 on the last Thursday of the month and is geared towards colleagues from the library, archiving, collections and museum sector, as well as interested members of the public.

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