Der Kreis des Zauberers

Der Kreis des Zauberers

Lecture with audio and film examples by Robert Galitz and Kurt Kreiler (editor of the collected sound and film documents of the Mann family).


Thomas Mann in Amerika 

The German writer Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955) spends fourteen years in American exile. While the National Socialist government withdrew his citizenship, the Nobel Prize winner was received enthusiastically in America. Here, Mann speaks as the ambassador of a different, cultivated Germany: on lecture tours, tens of thousands of citizens hear him and his appeals to turn away from Hitler are broadcast as radio broadcasts to totalitarian Germany. After the end of the Second World War, however, increasing anti-communism made him increasingly doubt his adopted homeland.

«Thomas Mann in Amerika (external link)» presents diaries, typoscripts and letters, speeches, radio addresses and photographs as well as materials on the three novels "Joseph, the breadwinner", "Doctor Faustus" and "The Chosen", which were written during the exile years 1938 - 1952.

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