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BrowZine: the publisher-independent library for articles and journals – 22.10.2019

Where does the shoe pinch? Send us your comments – 18.09.2019

Research data management: from theory to practice – 16.09.2019

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The former Chemistry building and colour research at ETH Zurich – 23.10.2019

Yearning for the world. Switzerland and the sea - 10.10.2019

S&P Global Market Intelligence Platform: Metals & Mining - 08.10.2019

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Exhibition at Zurich’s Strauhof: “Thomas Mann in Amerika” – 22.10.2019

Thomas Mann-Handschriften online – 21.10.2019

Rules to safeguard good scientific practice reloaded and the role of libraries in upholding scientific professional ethics – 17.10.2019


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