ETH-Bibliothek takes part in the project "Data Life-Cycle Management"

The Steering Committee for the programme "Scientific Information" has approved the project "Research Data Life-Cycle Management: From Pilot Implementations to National Services" (DLCM).

The project began in August 2015 and runs until 2018.

Its main goal is to create sustainable and concrete solutions for the management of research data throughout its entire lifecycle.

This involves the following aspects:

  • efficiently processing and storing large amounts of data
  • documenting connections and dependencies up to publication
  • rendering relevant data accessible and archiving it on a long-term basis

Besides effective technical solutions, standards for best practices are also developed.

From ETH Zurich, the Digital Curation at ETH Zurich and the Department ID Scientific IT Services (external link) are involved in the project. Further information and partners are available on the swissuniversities website and on the blog Innovation@ETH-Bibliothek (external link).


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