Access to more than 2 million additional journal articles

ETH Zurich benefits from the access to further electronic resources: the following complete archives with journal articles from the following years are now available:

  • Cambridge University Press (1770 to 2015)
  • De Gruyter (1826 to 2015)
  • Oxford University Press (1895 to 2015)

As a result, the holdings of the aforementioned publishers accessible at ETH Zurich are supplemented with diverse years and journals. Every year, new contents are added. For instance, 2016 will be activated in two years (De Gruyter), three years (Oxford University Press) and five years (Cambridge University Press).

The national licences enable access to articles at Swiss universities, federal research facilities and libraries. The expansion of the user circle to include any private individuals who reside in Switzerland is in the pipeline.

The purchase of national licences is funded by the programme "Scientific Information: Access, Processing and Safeguarding" (external link) implemented by swissuniversities. 

Further information to National licences (external link)


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