Old books collection at ETH Library accessible on e-rara.ch

The digitization of the old books collection from the 15th to the 18th century and selected works from the 19th century was successfully completed at the end of May 2017. 12,700 volumes were digitized and structured and around 13,000 titles were uploaded onto the platform e-rara.ch (external link).

Academia and the general public especially stand to benefit from this valuable project as the rare books under the public domain licence can be downloaded and used unrestrictedly and free of charge. Moreover, the digital copies form the basis for other projects, such as e-rara.ch: Full Text, or platforms such as ETHorama (external link) and Explora.

The digitization of the old book collection within the scope of the former e-rara.ch project had been one of the core and most extensive projects since 2008, frequently accounting for half of the overall output of ETH Library's digitization centre. A total of approximately 4.5 million scans were produced. This key milestone was achieved in close collaboration between the Rare Books team and the DigiCenter.

The follow-up project involving the digitization of the holdings from the 19th century has already been launched in parallel.


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