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Euangelische Gebett...


With around 1,000 early printed works, Zentralbibliothek Solothurn's historical holdings especially rank among the most important in Switzerland when it comes to rare books. ZB Solothurn now presents a small but impressive selection on e-rara.ch. Almost all of the 49 titles are unique editions of Swiss books from the 16th century.

They include two of the first books (Busspredigen (external link) and Euangelische Gebett, gerichtet auff alle Sonntaegliche Euangelia (external link)) to be printed in Solothurn in 1565, and books from Basel, Bern, Geneva, Pruntrut, Rorschach, St. Gallen and Zurich, each of which are the only copies to have survived – for example an Olten Fasnacht play from 1579 and editions of Sebastian Brant's translation of Benimmbüchleins Fagifacetus (external link) or Jean Crespin's Receuil des Martyrs (external link).

All the ZB Solothurn titles on e-rara.ch at a glance (external link)

The books were digitized and prepared for the online presentation in the DigiCenter of the ETH Library.


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