Audio heritage at ETH Library

ETH Library now offers its visitors an audio-visual (AV) workstation with direct access to the Phonotheque network in the Collections and Archives reading room. In the corresponding catalogue (external link), you can search for sound storage media, pieces of music or audio recordings, which can be listened to on site. The AV workstation also serves as a portal to access documents from other institutions (external link).

The Swiss National Sound Archives (external link) based in Lugano preserves Switzerland’s audio heritage. It has been collecting and documenting sound storage media, the contents of which are connected to the history and culture of Switzerland, since 1987. The holdings of over 500,000 digitized sound documents are varied and comprise recordings of classical music, rock, jazz, folk music, audio books, stories, plays, interviews, sound documents from science and research, field recordings or even private collections. Between 20,000 and 25,000 documents are added every year.


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