Max Frisch’s personal papers go digital

Max Frisch’s personal papers are part of Switzerland’s nationally important cultural assets. The letters, notebooks, manuscripts and personal documents of the world-famous author have been kept at ETH Zurich for around four decades, where they have been open to research and the public. 

The most important items in these holdings, which also include posters, newspaper articles or the large-scale architectural drawings of the ETH-Zurich alumnus, were digitised successfully between 2014 and 2018. Thousands of documents were scanned with the support of ETH Library’s DigiCenter. The use of the high-resolution digital copies protects the precious originals and enables quick and easy access to the archival material in the reading room via tablets. It is possible to search in the metadata with the archival database Max Frisch-Archiv Online (external link)

The Max Frisch Archive is an independent academic institution belonging to the Max Frisch Foundation and based at  ETH Library in Zurich. It curates and adds to the personal papers of the Swiss author and ETH Zurich-alumnus Max Frisch. The extensive sub-holdings are available for academic, journalistic and artistic research.


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