ETHorama: beyond borders

On the platform ETHorama, over 50 historic journeys by famous figures right through Switzerland can be tracked on a digital map. Now ports of call beyond Switzerland’s borders are also included.

On ETHorama, join Michel Montaigne (external link) on his journey from France through region’s of present-day Switzerland, Germany and Austria on his way to Italy, for instance. There are also several journeys from the 19th century, when the English discovered a fascination for the Alps. Take Frederic Shoberl (external link), for example, who travelled from Geneva through the Swiss Alps to Milan in 1820 and illustrated his account with works by Swiss artist Gabriel Lory. Of the many interesting travelogues, the one by William Beattie (external link) with artistic illustrations is particularly worth seeing. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful historical descriptions of Switzerland’s landscapes and culture.

All travelogues at a glance (external link)


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