Marginalia in Thomas Mann’s library digitally

At the end of March 2019, the project to index and digitise the marginalia in Thomas Mann’s personal library was completed.

The project’s goals were to digitise all books with marginalia, index the treasures they contain and enable them to be searched via a search interface. The project examined around 2,600 copies – approximately 60% of the author’s entire library – which contain handwritten notes, markings and underlining, dedications or owner’s marks. Thanks to a user interface which had been honed especially for the project, the digitised marginalia are now accessible to the public. For legal reasons, the new service (external link) is currently only available in the Thomas Mann Archives reading room.

The three-year project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation was realised as a collaboration between the Thomas Mann Archives (external link), IT Services and ETH Library’s DigiCenter, as well as the Chair of Literary and Cultural Studies at ETH Zurich.


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