New functions for

Since April 2019, a whole series of new functionalities have been available to the academic community of the platform (external link).

IIIF standard now supports the IIIF standard, too. The corresponding IIIF manifest can be found for each of the 71,750 titles (as of 1 April 2019) on the platform. This means that texts, prints or maps can be compared with digital copies from numerous prestigious institutions in the IIIF-Community (external link) and researched in more detail on the screen.

Processing, sharing and downloading images

Moreover, users can now process images swiftly and independently, download files in JPEG format and re-use them for research and publication purposes, or share the selected contents on social media via the newly available sharing links.

Full-text download

Ever since 2017, the platform has been continuously expanded to incorporate full-text recognition for Antiqua and German type printed from 1801 onwards. Full texts can now also be downloaded directly. is the platform for digitized documents from Swiss libraries.


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