Advice on text and data mining (TDM)

Legal advice and support for members of ETH Zurich

The providers of ETH Library's licensed resources (e.g. e-journals, e-books) only permit text and data mining under limited conditions. Further negotiations or the conclusion of an additional agreement are often necessary, as the policies of the publishers Elsevier (external link), Wiley (external link) and Springer Nature (external link) exemplify.

Please contact us if you are planning a text and data mining project based on the resources licensed by ETH Library. We would gladly handle the necessary clarifications with the providers in question. Please note that unauthorised text and data mining is an infringement of the licence terms agreed between ETH Zurich and the providers and may result in loss of access for the whole of ETH Zurich.

Besides licensed content, there are also freely accessible resources that permit unlimited text mining:

The CrossRef Text and Data Mining Tool (external link) is a free publisher-independent service offered by the company Cross Ref (e.g. AIP, APA, APS, Elsevier, HighWire Press, Springer, Taylor&Francis, Walter de Gruyter, Wiley). In order to gain access to the full contents, however, negotiations with the providers are often necessary here, too. Therefore, please contact us if you have any questions. 

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