Digitization project for rare books from the C.G. Jung library

Completed project

Aim of the project

Digitization and online presentation of selected rare books from C.G. Jung’s library in Küsnacht.

Description of the project

In collaboration with the Foundation of the Work of C.G. Jung and with financial support from the Dr. Donald C. Cooper Fund of ETH Zurich, the ETH-Bibliothek is digitizing around 300 titles dating from the 15th to the 19th century on the subject of alchemy and related topics. The works come from the former personal library of C.G. Jung in Küsnacht and are being made available online via the e-rara.ch (external link) platform. Professor Kilcher and Professor Hampe (Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences) are responsible for selection with regard to content. The digitization and collection of the structural data are being carried out in the DigiCenter at the ETH-Bibliothek in accordance with the standards that apply to e-rara.ch. To ensure that the established standards and interfaces can also be used for the bibliographical metadata, the titles are being entered in the library catalogue as electronic resources.

Synergies and context

For the online presentation, the digitized versions are being integrated into the e-rara.ch platform as a self-contained collection.

Cooperation partners

  • The Foundation of the Work of C.G. Jung
  • The Dr. Donald C. Cooper Fund

Timeframe, sequence

Duration of the project:July 2010 to June 2012
November 2010:Start of digitization
December 2010:Setting up of domain and collection in e-rara.ch. Start of active data import
February 2011:First 10 titles from the C.G. Jung Collection released in e-rara.ch
June 2012:Project completion. All titles released in e-rara.ch.

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