Completed project

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is to establish a decision-making basis for how e-lending can be introduced at ETH-Bibliothek and how the service is received by the customers.

Description of the project

Virtual access to e-books and other e-resources regardless of time and location is not yet possible for the customer group "non-members of ETH Zurich" (external library customers). Since information in the field of science, technology and medicine (STM) is becoming increasingly available in electronic form, the introduction of a form of virtual loan system for e-books (e-lending) is essential for library customers.

After a comprehensive clarification phase, a pilot project is now being conducted in conjunction with the e-book aggregator EBL. The experiment should reveal whether there is a demand for such a service among the ETH-Bibliothek’s customers and how satiesfied they are with it, as well as gain additional publishers for the cooperation.
Further information on the pilot experiment.

Synergies and context

This project constitutes a further step towards the creation of a digital library.

Timeframe, sequence

2010:Project launch, pre-evaluation
2011  to 2012:In-depth clarifications, aggregator decision, preparation of pilot project
2013:Launch of pilot project
2014:Evaluation of the aggregator, new negotiations with publishers
2014/2015:Transfer into productive operation

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Anja Meyer
Project coordination
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