Completed project

Aim of the project

With ETHorama (external link), a web-based platform is being developed that offers users map-based access to the digitized contemporary and historical contents from ETH-Bibliothek's library, collection and archival holdings.

Description of the project

The contents – digitized photos, images, text documents and maps – are georeferenced on Google Maps. In other words, they are linked to the places in Switzerland that they are about or where they were created. The places enriched with information become so-called "points of interest" (POIs) in ETHorama. Via the search or map, users thus gain access to locally precisely located and newly linked digitized materials. In addition, the contents compiled editorially can be accessed via the thematic collection.  

A special application was developed to display the contents visually on the map. The platform was realised as a mash-up with the aid of existing tools (Google Maps, Google Earth etc.). 

ETHorama was launched as a beta version on 17 December 2014. From 2015 the application will be expanded to include historical journeys and the beta phase will be completed.

Cooperative partners

Hinderling Volkart (external link)

Timeframe, sequence

End of 2014:phase 1, beta version activated
Mid-2015:replacement of beta version, introduction of assortment "historical journeys"

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Gabriella Padovan
Project coordination
+41 44 632 39 94