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Aim of the project

Various scientific information services of Swiss universities are combined in the web portal e-lib.ch (external link). The portal gives users the opportunity to search all resources as well as direct access to the scientific information content.

Description of the project

A system for simple searching, display and supply of various information services is being implemented in the context of the project. To this end, the metadata of these resources must be put into a standardized format, centrally stored and indexed. This data involves the information services prepared in the context of e-lib.ch projects. The user experience of the website is intuitively structured. In addition, personalization functions that enable the users to set up individual services are being created. A single sign-on solution is also to be provided, so that the information content and services of the portal can be accessed regardless of location and time.

Synergies and context

The project is being carried out in the context of e-lib.ch. It is being implemented in cooperation and coordination with the sub-projects within e-lib.ch. Because of the similar remit, it was possible to make use of some synergy effects from the Knowledge Portal project of the ETH-Bibliothek. There are also certain synergy effects from the ETH-Bibliothek's single sign-on project that can be applied to the implementation of modern authentication und authorisation infrastructure.

Cooperation partners

Timeframe, sequence

2008:Start of project
2011:Live launch of the Beta version
2013: Live launch of Version 1.0
Productive operation and end of project

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Susanne Schneider
Project coordination
+41 44 632 21 57