Aim of the project

Infrastructure and workflows will be developed within the context of the e-maps project in order to acquire and provide electronic thematic maps at ETH Library. Non-proprietary maps from the library’s holdings will also be digitised, georeferenced and made available via the same infrastructure.

Description of the project

Initially, the framework conditions required in order to acquire e-maps will be created. Terms and conditions governing supply and use will be clarified with providers, while workflows for recording and indexing will be developed and an infrastructure for archiving and presentation established.

Simultaneously, non-proprietary maps from the library’s holdings suitable for digitisation and georeferencing, which can be made available via the same infrastructure, will be identified.

Synergies and context

The e-maps project has been created in response to the increasing demand for electronic offerings in the field of maps. Searches and access will be possible via Kartenportal.CH and the ETH Library search portal.

May 2019 - December 2020 

Cooperation partners

The project will be implemented in collaboration with the research data management and digital curation group, and ETH Library’s media budget and e-resources office.

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Oliver Ammann
Project manager
+41 44 632 49 05