E-Book on demand

We can digitize works from ETH Library's holdings published before 1900 for you.


  • The e-book comprises all pages of the book, in colour.
  • Only complete books are digitized, not individual chapters or pages.
  • Books whose state of preservation is such that digitization is not possible, or which have already been digitized by other institutions and are available online, will not be digitized.
  • No optical character recognition service is available.
  • Two months after delivery, the e-book is made available on ETH Library's Search Portal (external link) free of charge.


  • Search on ETH Library's Search Portal. For books that have not been digitized yet, a link entitled "Order book in digital form" will appear, which takes you directly to the order form.
  • We will send confirmation of receipt of your order by email.
  • Delivery time: 15 working days
  • Format: PDF file via email.