Instructions for E-Lending

E-Lending login

A log-in account comprising a username and password are required to use the e-lending service. 

Alumni as well as library customers and guests who are not members of ETH Zurich:
Please contact the library staff in the InfoCenter for your personal login. Please register beforehand on (external link).

Guests who have already got a log-in account for the public workstations at ETH Library:
You can use the e-lending platform without having to reregister.

Members of ETH Zurich:
You can sign in with your nethz log-in account.

Please note that no other university log-in accounts are valid.

E-book search

You reach the e-lending service via a search on ETH Library's Search Portal (external link). In the tab "Books, journals and more" you can filter your search results by "E-Lending" with the option "Refine my results".


Alternatively, you can specifically search for e-books in the advanced search.

E-Lending erweiterte Such

If you would like to look at a selected e-book or borrow it directly, open "Details" on the book's display field and select "Loan e-book".

E-Lending Details

To get to the e-book directly, choose the tab "e-book loan".

E-Book Ausleihe

You are now taken to the platform of the aggregator EBL (Ebook Library with an academic focus, only in English). Customers who are not members of ETH Zurich should select the option "" in the dialogue window.


E-book preview

Online browsing

You can browse through any e-book for 5 to 10 minutes in full text without borrowing it.

You will then be asked to borrow the e-book or return to the e-book catalogue.

While browsing, four tabs are available to you:

E-Lending Browsing

1 Details: book's metadata such as title, author, ISBN, publisher etc.
2 Contents: contents, chapters, author index etc.
3 Search: search for technical terms in full text
4 (Notes: the note feature is not available under the pilot project.)

Note: the same e-book can only be browsed once a day. Online browsing does not allow any copying or printing.

E-book borrowing

You can choose from two loan options:
E-lending "online" (24 hours)

Borrowing an e-book “Online” offers access to the full text for a loan period of 24 hours. It is initiated if:

  • The 5 to 10 minutes of online browsing have elapsed
  • You copy or print from the e-book
  • You add notes
  • You click on the "Read Online" button

If e-lending "Online" has been initiated, an input window appears. By clicking on "Yes", you enable e-lending "Online". Select "No" and you return to the catalogue.

E-Lending Online

E-lending with download (1 to 8 days)

You can download the e-books to your computer, which means they are also available to you offline.

The e-books are always available in a PDF or sometimes also ePub format. Please select the desired format. (For further information on ePub International Digital Publishing Forum (external link)).


Technical requirements


In order to be able to read the e-books on your computer or notebook, install the free software Adobe Digital Editions before you download them.

Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions (external link).

Would you like to use e-books from our e-lending service on the go? The Bluefire Reader app enables you to download and read them.

E-Lending App

iTunes (external link) (iOS 5.0 or higher), Google Play (external link) (Android Version 2.2 or higher)

Printing / copy & paste

With e-lending, the print and copy function can also be activated.

During the initial loan, 20% of the book may be printed. The system saves and monitors this information for six weeks. If borrowed a second time (download as e-lending), an additional 10% of the book can be printed within six weeks. 

The use of copy & paste is limited to 5% of the book per user. You can use the download function to download individual chapters (does not expire).