Records Management

What is Records Management?

Records management is the systematic management of records (business documents) in a classification system. At ETH Zurich, records are managed in both analogue form (paper files) and digital form (file servers, document management systems, ERP systems).

Records management aims at:

  • finding documents quickly and reliably,
  • facilitating the work of new employees and deputy personnel,
  • stemming the flood of documents and data through controlled deletion.

Services of the ETH Zurich University Archives

The ETH Zurich University Archives offers various services in the area of records management. The Archives

  • advise ETH units on managing both paper records and digital data,
  • support ETH units which are developing their own filing plans and manuals for improving records management among their staff,
  • support the procurement or adaptation of IT systems for business administration and records management.

Information materials on records management provided by the ETH Zurich University Archives

The document Tips for Records Management at ETH Zurich provides a summary of the main principles for working with documents on a file system.

In order to support ETH-departments, the ETH Zurich University Archives together with four ETH-departments have created several resources. The document Best Practices for Records Management on File Systems: A Guide for Departments at ETH Zurich (external link) offers know-how and examples from ETH Zurich.

The core functions of an ETH-department are represented in a filing plan, which can be used as a template for individual departments to manage their records. The filing plan is available for download as an excel file. In addition, we provide a zip-file, which matches the filing plan and allows you to build your own folder structure on a file system.