Audiovisual media, lectures

Films and sound recordings held by ETH Library and from other providers of ETH Zurich

Introductory and farewell lectures at ETH Zurich

Digital recordings from 2002 onwards

Analogue recordings

Sound: 1971 to 1986 (incomplete), video: 1987 to 2002

Events at ETH Zurich


  • ETH Alumni lectures – sound: 1983 to 1985, video: 1986 to 2003
  • Wolfgang Pauli lectures – sound: 1972 to 1983 (incomplete), video: 1986 to 2004
  • ETH-Tag – sound: 1970 to 1984, video: 1985 to 2004 (incomplete)
  • Selected events, symposia, celebrations – sound: 1971 to 1984, video: 1985 to 2004

Searching and using analogue recordings up to 2004

Searching and using digital recordings from 2005 onwards

  • Search in ETH Library's Search Portal
  • Recordings can be used via the Videoportal of ETH Zurich.

Film material in Archives and Private Collections


Searching and using

  • Search in the Filmverzeichnis (external link).
  • The films in the Swissair Photo Archive can only be searched using an internal catalogue.
  • Only a few films can currently be viewed. To order, please contact the Image Archive. Please announce your visit. Subject to copyright restrictions, the films can be used in the Reading Room Collections and Archives.

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