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The Material Collection conveys historical and current knowledge on materials. On the one hand, this is achieved via the physical collection, where the exhibits become a haptic experience. On the other hand, a digital database renders information on material generally accessible. 

The Material Collection launched in 2010 is a joint venture between ETH Library's Architecture and Civil Engineering Library and the Architecture Department. It is integrated in the Netzwerk Material-Archiv (external link), which includes eight additional collection locations.

Target groups

  • Students and teachers
  • Specialists from the fields of architecture, civil engineering and materials science
  • People and institutions interested in building and other materials


  • The ETH Zurich collection comprises over 1,000 exhibits and is constantly expanded
  • A selection of basic historical material, a cross-section of current building materials and cutting-edge technical innovations
  • Current focuses include building materials such as natural stone, clay and limestone, their various applications and non-industrial and industrial manufacturing techniques
  • Additional objects from the fields of wood, wood-based materials, manmade stone, ceramics, synthetics, metals, glass, and animal and vegetable materials

Online archiv

An extensive, material-specific, online database (external link) provides information on the origin, processing or production, technical properties and cultural and scientific backgrounds of materials. Increased attention is devoted to topics such as the sustainable use of raw materials and their recyclability.

The database is compiled and developed in conjunction with the Netzwerk Material-Archiv.

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