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A selection of the main databases

  • Web of Science (external link) – Interdisciplinary database including the Derwent Innovations Index (patents), Web of Science Core Collection (journal articles), Science Citation Index and Journal Citation Reports
  • Scopus (external link) – Interdisciplinary, the most comprehensive bibliographic database with respect to number of journals covered, particular focus on non-anglophone literature, enables citation analyses and includes unique author-ID's – Further information
  • INSPEC (external link) – Abstracts giving access to the content of documents in the fields of physics, engineering sciences and information technology, varied search and analysis options for scientific publications – Further information
  • ADS (external link) – Astrophysics Data System: astronomy, physics and geophysics: abstracts and full-text versions as a possible alternative to searching the Web of Science and INSPEC
  • SPIE Digital Library (external link) – Full-text versions of SPIE publications (journals and proceedings) from 1998 onwards, summaries and citations from SPIE publications from 1995 onwards

Additional databases

Reference works

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Specialist information

  • PhysNet (external link) – Portal for physics resources on the Internet, links for example to physics institutions and associations, publications, teaching material and job opportunities
  • PhySH (external link) – Physics Subject Headings, a classification scheme for physics as suggested by the APS. The new approach focuses on hierarchies of concepts grouped into research areas, physical systems, properties, techniques, and professional topics (facets).
  • Astronomy Conferences (external link) – Database of international astronomy conferences, index can be searched by date

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