ETH Zurich DOI Desk

ETH Zurich's DOI Desk is the official DOI registration office for Switzerland's university and research sector.

It enables providers of publication services to register DOI names for digital objects, e.g. research reports, dissertations, research data, digitized images etc., on the internet.   

ETH Zurich DOI Desk is a service provided by ETH Library, in cooperation with DataCite (external link) and with technical support from IT Services of ETH Zurich (external link).

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is used to give an electronic document a unique designation.

Example of a DOI name: 10.3929/ethz-a-000565688

The DOI name enables the citability of research results and materials published online. It is a permanent identifier which takes the user to the current version of the relevant web page and thus represents an advantage over citing by means of a frequently temporary URL address.

Resolving DOI names

Type or copy a DOI name in the text field below and the corresponding document is opened in your web browser.

Alternatively, you can find a DOI-object directly in your web browser by prefixing the DOI name with the text string
Example: (external link)

Registering DOI names

The DOI registration service is offered to organizational units (not individuals) from the field of higher education and research in Switzerland. Digital objects can be primary data (research data) or secondary data (e.g. dissertations, working papers, articles, digitized resources).

Prior to registration, an agreement is entered with ETH Zurich's DOI Desk, under which the results of the preliminary technical and organisational clarifications are documented.

Slideshare presentation: A step-by-step guide to DOI Registration (external link)


For academic institutions and non-profit-making companies:

  • Initialisation fee: CHF 200, one-off payment when the contract is concluded
  • Basic fee: CHF 200, due once a year from initial registration, registration of up to 50 DOIs per year included
  • DOI top-up: CHF 800, due annually on top of the basic fee if more than 50 DOIs are registered, registration of an unlimited number of DOIs included

For organisational units of ETH Zurich: DOI registration is free of charge for you.

DOIs for individual publications

To obtain a single DOI, we recommend authors from ETH Zurich to publish their document or dataset via the Research Collection (external link). You can also obtain the DOI before the actual publication (Reserving a DOI (external link)).

We recommend that authors from other institutions publish their paper or research data via the repository Zenodo.



ETH Library is member of the association DataCite (external link).

DataCite is an official DOI Registration Agency and a member of the International DOI Foundation (external link) (IDF). Its vision is to improve access to research data on the internet and to promote its visibility.