Mendeley Institutional Edition

ETH Library has licensed the Mendeley Institutional Edition for the ETH Zurich community, enabling users of the reference management software Mendeley (external link) at ETH Zurich to benefit from numerous enhancements.

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free cross-platform, cloud-based reference management software. 

It offers extensive possibilities to manage references, work with PDFs and compile bibliographies.

What can Mendeley do?

  • Cross-platform: can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux as well as mobile devices
  • Automatic synchronisation of literature collections via the cloud
  • Automatic import of references from Web of Science, Google Scholar and many other sources
  • Collaboration on literature collections and projects
  • Integrated PDF processing tool
  • Automatic compilation of literature lists / bibliographies via plug-in in different word processing programmes. Large selection of predefined citation styles.

Download and installation

The Mendeley desktop software can be downloaded to private computers for free from the provider's website (external link). For users at ETH Zurich, the software is available via the IT Services (external link).

Mendeley Institutional Edition

With the Mendeley Institutional Edition, ETH Library offers Mendeley users a free upgrade with the following features:

  • 100 GB private library space for PDFs 
  • Unlimited number of private groups
  • 100 GB library space for private groups
  • Invite up to 100 people into private groups
  • Automatic literature recommendations (Mendeley Suggest)

Institutional Group

You can profit from the above mentioned advantages, if you authenticate yourself by being in the ETH Zurich IP range when creating your Mendeley account. This way, you will be added to the ETH Zurich Institutional Group (external link) automatically.

Legal information

Mendeley's usage policy (including Institutional Edition) is outlined in the Mendeley Terms of Use (external link), which you agree to by creating a Mendeley account.

Moreover, please take note of Mendeley's Privacy Policy (external link) and Copyright Policy (external link).

When using scientific software, the Guidelines for Research Integrity at ETH Zurich (link opens a new window) (pdf, 124 kB) must be observed.

ETH Library receives aggregated, anonymised usage data from Mendeley on the reading and publication behaviour of all members of the ETH Zürich Institutional Group. Personal data is not used.

ETH Library is entitled to remove users from the "ETH Zürich" group without notice if they are no longer members of ETH Zurich.