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ETH-Bibliothek actively uses social media within its communications. It surveys the opinions of its customers and uses them to improve its products and services.


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Legal Notices Social Media

Conditions of participation

By entering the competition, the participants declare their agreement with the conditions of participation set out below. They especially accept participation via Facebook and thus its terms and conditions and responsibility for the content.

What can you win?

By entering a competition, you can win a gift price with a value of CHF 50. The particular price varies depending on the question.

How can you win?

You can enter the competition via (external link).

Who can take part?

The competition is free to enter for anyone who holds a Facebook account. In the case of minors, ETH-Bibliothek requires the consent of a legal guardian. Participation requires the truthful submission of the relevant data. Only one entry is permitted per competition.

How will the winners be chosen?

The first person to comment the correct answer wins the prize.

How do you find out if you have won?

The winner will be informed via the comment function and subsequently contacted by ETH-Bibliothek in a private message.

What happens if the winner does not respond to the message?

If the winner fails to respond to ETH-Bibliothek's contact message within sixty days of receiving notification, his or her claim to the prize will be forfeited.

Data protection and other conditions

Data protection regulations

ETH-Bibliothek shall store and use the data collected exclusively for the purposes of the competition.

Can you delete your answer on once it has been submitted?

Entrants can delete the answer they have posted in the comments themselves at any time.

Who is not eligible to enter?

ETH-Bibliothek is authorised to exclude individuals from participating with good reason (violation of these participation conditions, multiple entries, cheating etc.). Legal action remains reserved.


Cash pay-outs of the prizes are not possible. Claims to the prize cannot be transferred to other people. There is no right of appeal (the organiser's course of action against illegal contents remains reserved).

If individual provisions in the conditions of participation are or become null and void, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation shall remain unaffected. They shall be replaced by an appropriate regulation that corresponds the most closely to the purpose of the void provision. ETH-Bibliothek reserves the right to amend the conditions of participation at any time.

Reservation clause

ETH-Bibliothek reserves the right to modify, interrupt or end the competition at any time, without giving prior notice or reasons. ETH-Bibliothek shall exercise this right if the proper realisation of the competition cannot be guaranteed due to a force majeure, or for technical or legal reasons.

ETH-Bibliothek shall not accept any liability for damage (e.g. losses, breakdowns or delays) caused by circumstances outside their area of responsibility. In justified cases, the prize can be substituted for equivalent prizes.

Swiss law shall apply, the place of jurisdiction is in Switzerland.

Exemption of Facebook

The competition is conducted by ETH-Bibliothek (organiser). It is not connected to or sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook in any way.

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