As an information service-provider, ETH Library focuses on selected strategic fields. In doing so, it gears itself to the needs of the Swiss and international information and science community and society's increasing digitization.

Strategic topics

  • Collections and archives in the digital age – innovative indexing, digitization and publication of unique materials
  • Open Data – free availability of bibliographical metadata and other selected data not subject to any copyright conditions for re-use
  • Swiss copyright – commitment at national level for a science-friendly copyright law in Switzerland
  • Text and data mining – Checking fields of application for text and data mining as well as advice for members of ETH Zurich

Current projects

  • Bildarchiv Online joins Wikimedia Commons – The provision of the organisational and technical foundations for mass uploads of digital open data specimens from E-Pics Bildarchiv Online to Wikimedia Commons
  • Digital Curation – Curation of digital research data and other content
  • Digital Stack – Digital provision of journal holdings (feasibility study)
  • Digitization project for rare books from the C.G. Jung library – Digitization of early printed books on alchemy from the private collection of C.G. Jung
  • DOI-CH – Set-up of an allocation and registration agency for Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)
  • Swiss Electronic Library – Innovation and cooperation project for cross-university provision of scientific information in Switzerland
  • E-lending – Evaluation of how licensed and acquired e-books from the ETH Library holdings can be made available to external library customers online
  • E-Pics – The interactive image information system at the ETH Zurich
  • E-Pics_TMA – Indexing and digitization of the photographic holdings in the Thomas Mann Archive
  • E-Publications – Replacement of the ETH E-Collection and ETH E-Citations systems with an integrated publication platform
  • – Online platform for digitized rare books from Swiss libraries
  • Full Text – Expansion of the platform to include optical character recognition (OCR) for the purpose of re-use by science
  • ERM Electronic Resource Management – Purchase of software for managing all electronic resources at the ETH-Bibliothek
  • ETHorama – Geobrowsing platform for map-based presentation of material from the ETH-Bibliothek and other sources
  • ETH E-Collection – The Institutional Repository at the ETH Zurich
  • EWS_digital – Rendering science-historical holdings from the Earth Science Collections accessible online in 2D and 3D
  • Gesturespace@ETH-Bibliothek – interactive, dynamic projection of digitized historic resources held ETH Library
  • Image archive of the Foundation Luftbild Schweiz – Archiving, digitization and publication of a significant collection of aerial photographs
  • Information transfer – Development of a web portal to simplify access to all the data collections and services of the ETH-Bibliothek
  • Integration of the library system of the University of Zurich – Merger of the library catalogues of ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and Zentralbibliothek Zurich
  • KG_online – New inventory of cultural assets at ETH Zurich
  • Knowledge Portal – Development of a web portal for simplified access to all data collections and services of ETH Library
  • Multimedia Storytelling – Content marketing platform with stories on ETH Library's collections, archives and services
  • Open Access – Introduction of Open Access at ETH Zurich
  • Pilot project on long-term preservation – Permanent backup of primary and secondary digital data
  • Publication Pool – Creation of a university bibliography for ETH Zurich
  • Retro-digitisation of audiovisual media – Digitization and archiving of older audiovisual holdings
  • – Retrospective digitization of scientific journals, with special attention to regional content
  • Single sign-on – Simplifying the login procedure for using library resources
  • TMA_online – Indexing and digitization of the holdings of the Thomas-Mann-Archive
  • Web Portal – Development of a national web portal for central access to the Swiss Electronic Library
  • – Digitization and online provision of archive content