Digital Curation

Completed project

Aim of the project

Provision of services for the safeguarding and long term preservation of research data, administrative records and library materials of ETH Zurich.

For further information about current services, please visit our website Digital Curation at ETH Zurich.

Description of the project

A recent ETH-wide survey on the handling of research data revealed that many researchers need to be able to record and manage their data in a structured way before it is archived in accordance with the principles of good scientific practice (external link) (pdf, 124 kB) or transferred to a long-term archive. It is important to establish a permanent citation link via a digital object identifier (DOI), in addition to ensuring verifiability, for published data. Data that cannot be recovered is to be made available for long-term analysis or for later use from a different perspective.
Together with suitable partners, ETH-Bibliothek is creating the basis to support researchers of ETH Zurich with the management of their data.

The planned technical solution will also be employed for the long term preservation of administrative records of ETH Zurich and of library materials.

Synergies and context

The current project utilises lessons learned from previous long-term archiving projects for the ETH-Bibliothek, the IT Services department of ETH Zurich, the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries (external link) and (external link).

Cooperation partners

Timeframe, sequence

Duration:2010 to 2013
October 2010:Start of project
March 2011 to April 2012:Formulating requirements with the pilot partners
May 2012 to late 2012:Continued development of the software to be used, in accordance with the requirements
From July 2012:Practical tests with the pilot partners
From mid-2013:Gradual introduction of a range of services for all ETH Zurich departments, subject to a financial commitment from the Executive Board

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Head Digital Curation
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Dr. Matthias Töwe